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Wecome to the Home of Common Sense Defense

    -  mace  -   pepper spray

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      "ladies"  camouflaged pepper sprays

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  stun guns 

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child safety

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surveillance systems

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hidden home (nanny) cameras

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bug detectors

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family packages

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  - wildfire - pepper spray

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animal Products

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camouflage stun guns

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Door Guard

home protection

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hidden cameras

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Spy cameras

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Telephone recorders

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- Pepper Shot -  Pepper spray 

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 PERSONAL    Alarms 

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Diversion Safes

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Dummy cameras

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Security Scanners

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 gps tracker 

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Training DVD's

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Why do i need personal safety items?

You’re working late, the last person to leave the office.

It’s scary being all alone in the office. Now you have to turn off all the
lights…set the alarm…lock the door…and walk to the only car left in the lot.

And if it’s wintertime, you have to do it in the dark. It’s a good thing you
have a mini LED flashlight on your key chain, and a Pepper Spray in your pocket or
purse. It could be worst. You may have to rely on public transportation. That means

you have to cut thru that dark narrow street or alley you don’t like. Then you have to

take the stairs, and that’s always narrow and smelly. Finally you get to stand and wait;

and at this hour, there isn’t as many people around as you would like. Good thing you

have your pepper spray or stun gun safely concealed in your hand or pocket.

This website is all about YOUR personal safety. You have the right to protect yourself,

your property, and all the people you care about. It’s not only your” right”; it’s your
responsibility. This is common sense self defense. And let’s face it, not everyone wants

to protect him or herself with a firearm. I don’t want to kill someone; I
just want to get home safe. It’s not just about going or coming from work. What about
leaving the gym. Jogging thru the park in the early morning, or after you come home

from work. Going shopping at the mall and coming out after it has turned dark. Running

to the local convenience store at night because you ran out of something. Visiting a store

or friend in an area where you are not comfortable.

Going out for the evening with your friends. Coming home late at night alone
after an evening with your friends. And what about the times you are alone in
your home, or traveling and staying at a hotel. There may be a knock on the
door, a sound out back, something hitting the windows.


These are all times where you need to be smart and prepared so you at least
have a fighting chance. A yes, you can do it, with the self defense products on this site.

We have 3 different manufactures of pepper sprays. They come in different types and sizes.

Some you can attach to your key chain or belt, you can attach others to your car visor,

or you can carry others in your purse, pocket or glove compartment. Some are even

camouflaged to look like a pen or lipstick. No matter what size or appearance, these

products are very effective. They can be the difference of whether you have a bad

experience, or you escape safely.

We have stun guns that fit in your hand, carry in your purse or pocket, and

ones you can wear on your belt. Some look like stun guns. Others look like
cell phones or flashlights. The appearance of a stun gun (particularly if you fire the
blue/white light and that distinctive crackling sound) will hopefully be enough for your
assailant to decide to look for someone else. These products will knock the largest assailant to
the ground. And as much as you may fantasize about placing several good kicks to special
areas, YOU must use your time to escape! It is all about your personal safety!

For anyone who does not want to be physical at all, we have personal alarms.

One quick pull, and an amazingly loud sound emits from these devices. Your assailant

won’t be able to turn it off, and they won’t want to stay there until other people start showing

up. Hopefully they will run away leaving you scared, but all right. It is all about your personal safety.

When it comes to protecting the children, you can never be too safe.

We have all had that gut-wrenching feeling of turning around at the park or on a busy street

and finding your child is nowhere to be seen. You can prevent this with the Panda alarm
that can be set to go off on your receiver if the child is more than 3 to 21 feet away from you.


You can also get alarms that go off if the child falls into your swimming pool, or goes in the driveway.

There are alarms if a child opens a window or door, or even a drawer or cupboard. You could also

protect your children with bicycle lights. Or on the internet with monitoring software. Or maybe you

just want to monitor the situation with a hidden camera.


When if comes to protecting yourself, your spouse or your children; you have to consider

protecting your home. You may want to start with door and window alarms. You could add

motion detectors. To be as aware as possible, you could easily install some surveillance cameras with a recorder.


There is nothing wrong with wanting to protect yourself and your family. You absolutely should!

Wouldn't it be nice to not have to be worried about "What would I do, if..." Well if you're prepared,

you don't have to worry as much. Don't risk having that one BAD experience that could change

the rest of your life. Don't risk it. Don't worry about it.



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